PulpTech Sales is pleased to offer 2 new transmitters from Satron. With the great success they have had with their first Satron VCT optical consistency transmitter, they are now introducing the Satron VCT^3 and the Satron VCL.

Satron VCT^3
Optical Consistency

Satron VCL Optical


Other Products from Satron

Multi-Channel VCT with 3 Independent Light Sources
(compared to the standard Satron VCT) is equipped with 2 more independent light sources. With the 3 light sources it can now measure In-Line Kappa, In-Line Brightness, SW/HW Grade Change Monitoring in addition to the standard 0.....7%Cs. You have the choice of primary ma-output for consistency and secondary ma-output for Kappa, Brightness or SW/HW grade change. The sensor can even be installed right next to a pump and can be removed and installed without shutting down the process line.

Optical Technology for LOW, LOW Consistency Measurement
is based on the measurement of light polarization. The measurement of light polarization is a well known and reliable technique that gives excellent accuracy. This technique is independent of pulp colour and brightness variations. It is suitable for all screened pulps in consistency range of 01.5% Cs. Typical applications include Headbox, White Water, Screening, Filters and Effluent.

Remote Display Unit
The Satron VC remote display unit can be installed up to 10m away from the sensing unit. Inside the display unit is a terminal for up to 3 binary inputs (grade change), 3 relay outputs (alarms) and 2 analog milliamp loops. All connections can be used simultaneously. Intuitive menu driven interface features simple set-up, calibration and troubleshooting functions.

PC Interface
When you want to have all the operations of the Smart transmitter, we recommend the use of Satron-VO Advisor Service Software Program. PulpTech can deliver you the optional program, HART-Modem and HP-2133 Mini Note PC.

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