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Satron VCT^3
Optical Consistency Transmitter


Popular Applications:

  • In-Line Kappa
  • In-Line Brightness
  • In-Line Ash
  • In-Line Freeness
  • In-Line Fiber Length
  • HW/SW Grade Change Monitoring
  • HD tower outlet
  • HW and SW chests
  • Screen inlets
  • Feed to bleach plant
  • Screen rejects
  • Groundwood
  • And many others


Satron SAVE
Consistency Sampler


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Optical Consistency Transmitter  Satron VCT^3

Multi-Channel VCT with 3 independent Light Sources
uses the latest optical consistency transmitter technology. This transmitter (compared to the well accepted standard Satron VCT) is equipped with 2 more independed light sources. With the 3 light sources, it can now measure In-Line Kappa, In-Line Brightness, Ash, Freeness, Fiber Lenght, SW/HW Grade Change Monitoring in addition to the standard 0.....7%Cs. You have the choice of primary ma-output for consistency and secondary ma-output for Kappa, Brightness, Ash, Freeness, Fiber Length or SW/HW garde change. Typical consistency applications include measurements to screens, outlet from HD tower chests, HW and SW chests, screen rejects, feed to the bleachplant and many others. The Satron VCT^3 can provide an accurate and reliable measurement without need for regular maintenance. Unlike shear force technology, the Satron VCT^3 is immune to changes in process conditions such as flow rate, pressure and temperature. The sensor can even be installed right next to a pump and can be removed and installed without shutting down the process line.

Remote display unit
The Satron VCT^3 remote display unit can be installed up to 10m away from the sensing unit. Inside the display unit is a terminal for up to 3 binary inputs (grade change…), 3 relay outputs (alarms…) and 2 analog milliamp loops. All connections can be used simultaneously. Intuitive, menu driven interface features simple set-up, calibration and troubleshooting functions.

Excellent reliability
The Satron VCT has proven to have excellent reliability without failures. Depend on Satron VCT for a reliable and maintenance-free consistency measurement.

PC Interface
When you want to have all the operations of the Smart transmitter, we recommend the use of Satron-VO Advisor Service Software program. PulpTech can deliver you the optional program, HART-modem and HP-2133 Mini Note PC.

Features and Benefits:

  • 4-20mA two wire connection
  • 2 4-20mA outputs
  • No moving parts, No regular maintenance
  • Excellent Repeatability, Linearity and Resolution
  • Single point calibration
  • Immune to process conditions change: flow rate, pressure, temperature, turbulence
  • HART protocol interface included
  • Industry standard to calibrate transmitter

Materials of Construction:

  • Sensor: AISI316L or Hast.C276 or Titanium
  • Coupling: AISI316L or Hast.C276 or Titanium
  • Window: Sapphire glass


  • Measuring range 0 - 7% Consistency
  • Transmitter: 3 wire connection(3W)
  • Repeatability 0.01%
  • Line Temperature: -30 to 140 ºC (-22 to 285 ºF)
  • Damping: 0.01-60sec
  • Supply Voltage: 24VDC


Satron VCT^3 Brochure   Satron SAVE Sampler Brochure    VCT^3 User Manual   SAVE User Manual  

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