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Consistency Management

To reduce consistency variability requires the choice of the right consistency transmitter for the application. The appropriate device must:

  • fit consistency strategy employed
  • fit the intended application and perform well there
  • be reliable
  • be simple to use
  • be easy to calibrate
  • be rugged in service
  • have a dedicated company behind it
  • be reasonable to purchase
  • be inexpensive to repair
  • We realizes that this choice is difficult and we are committed to helping you choose the best solution to meet your needs. We can provide many different types of reliable consistency transmitters and offer you our knowledge of this measurement to cut through the confusion.

    Effective Sampling

    Accurate transmitter calibration depends upon effective sampling. These specialized sample valves are designed to meet this goal and offer features which ensure reliability and operator safety throughout the sample taking process.

    Consistency Transmitters

    Rotating Consistency Transmitter
    Microwave Consistency Transmitter
    Blade Type Consistency Transmitter

    Sampling Devices

    Manual Sample Valve
    for low consistency screened pulps
    Pneumatic Sample Valve
    for low consistency screened pulps
    Pneumatic Sample Valve
    for low consistency unscreened pulps
    Pneumatic Sample Valve
    for medium consistency unscreened pulps

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