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Multi-Channel VCT with 3 Independent Light Sources

Worldwide sales for the 3 year old Satron Transmitter have now reached over 350 units. The Satron Transmitter was introduced to N.A. in 2015 and sales have now passed the 100 mark. Many repeat orders, some with more than 6 installations in a mill.

So why this great acceptance from the customers? Simply put, it’s the performance of the sensor.  Accuracy, maintenance free, simple start-up and calibration, easy installation and can be removed and reinstalled without a shutdown. OR maybe it’s because you can get 2 simultaneous measurements from this small 13” probe. The 2 measurements are consistency and your choice of either Kappa, Brightness, Fiber Length, Freeness or Ash Content. AND maybe it is because the sensor sells for less than $10,000 US.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you are even a little curious about this product. There are many applications where the sensor can be applied in your mill, including replacing old costly rotary consistency transmitters.

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