Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM) introduces a new sheet break detector.

KPM's new KB/6-9-12 sheet break detector brings break detection reliability to a new level. With the new KB, sheet break detection of demanding applications is very reliable.

The new KB has two light sources, RGB color and InfraRed. Depending on application, either one can be selected to be used. The new RGB color measurement makes it very easy to detect the breaks when there is a wire of felt behind the sheet. Many times earlier technologies have had performance problems when new wire has been installed. Now with the new KB, detection of break is very reliable. With new user interface and monitoring tools, the sensor is very easy to set up.

Display Unit

Remote Sensor Unit


KPM Product Line

KB/6-9-12 Fiber Optic Sheet Break Detector

Non-contact optical measurement
The KB fiber optic sheet break detection system is designed to monitor sheet breaks in harsh environments. The proven non-contact sensor is placed above or under the web to be monitored. KB is suitable for dirt, steam and high temperature installations or where space is limited. The air-purged sensor head stays clean and is not affected by dirt, steam or high temperatures.

RGB Color and IR measurement
The KB has both RGB and Infrared light sources to perform superiorly with all paper and board grades and applications regardless of colors. The RGB color measurement can handle all sheet and felt colors providing reliable break detection. In addition to opendraw applications the breaks can be detected against felt, wire, or even against a cylinder.

Fast break detection and alarm
The KB’s digital signal processing technology measures all signals thousand times per second. KB is immune to ambient light changes by measuring the backlight intensity. The break detection delay is minimum of 15ms - with digital filtration user can select how many measurement cycles are used for break alarm.

Easy to set up
The KB user interface allows easy setup of the break detection by selecting the measurements which give the highest signal difference. KB comes with color measurement PC software, which visually tells the
color of the sheet / felt for the operator. Break and maintenance alarms are wired to the PLC or DCS. 4- 20 mA current outputs for the signal levels are available as an option.

Electronics located outside harsh environment
KB is very reliable even in a 100% humidity environment. While the sensor head is exposed to high temperatures, the electronics unit is mounted outside the machine hood to convenient location using fiber optic cable. Fiber optics is available in lengths of 6, 9 and 12 meters.

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