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Line-Tec 100 Sheet Break Detector

The Line-Tec 100 Sheet Break Detector is a fiber optic web/sheet break detection system which operates on a proven non-contact, reflection principle. An optical sensor is placed above or under the web to be monitored. The sensor is not affected by dirt, steam or temperatures up to 350 °F. The optical sensor is connected through a fiber-optic cable to an infra-red amplifier located in an enclosure away from the heat of web. The amplifier sends a special light signal through the transmitting element to the surface to be monitored. The reflected light is picked up by the receiving element and transmitted to the amplifier. This returning signal is then converted to a 4-20 mA current signal which is used to provide two alarm outputs.

In addition to opendraw applications, the breaks can be detected against a felt, a wire or even against a cylinder.

Unnecessary costs and maintenance time that go to recovery of breaks can be reduced significantly. Accurate detection of these breaks is the first step towards eliminating them.

Main Benefits:

  • Precise, continuous monitoring of the web with infra-red light.
  • Immediate reaction to a web break due to the 4 kHz light frequency.
  • No disturbance from direct or reflected visible or infra-red light, static electricity, steam, extreme temperatures, dirt or vibration.
  • Minimal installation space required. The unit may be installed between cylinders, above felts and rolls and in press gaps.
  • The sensor can be located a distance of 2 - 8 inches from the web.
  • Production cost savings due to the elimination of false alarms or missed breaks.
  • Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars preventing machine damages with reliable automatic kick-off showers.


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