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RBVideo Recovery Boiler Video Monitoring

The RBVideo Boiler Video Camera Control Software is a visual process analysis tool that allows the Recovery Boiler operator to analyze the shape of the bed and temperature profile of it. The operator can add color into the gray image to enhance visual perception. Eight temperature regions can be defined on the video image and average region temperatures can be connected to OPC or PI data server. The operator can utilize the delta image tool to monitor changes in the shape of the bed, for example the shape after a process change. Slow motion image video can also be played to view shape changes over longer periods of time. The operator can add a filter function onto the live image to clarify visual perception the image from dust and flying liquor inside of the boiler. A freely adjustable multi-shape line for marking the shape of the bed can also be used as an image reference. The system's pseudo coloring tools add better visual appearing to the bed shape. A total of four cameras can be added to single monitoring unit. Additional hardware options are available on request.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spot temperature of the boiler measured by pyrometer inside of the video camera
  • Up to eight region temperatures in any size or overlapped
  • Two hour trend of pyrometer temperature
  • Live temperature histogram from camera updated 30 times per second
  • Display selection either live mode or processed image mode
  • Live image filter to clarify the shape of bed up to ten image average
  • Low motion image player with up to hundred images with adjustable time lag
  • Freely adjustable multi shape line for marking the shape of the bed
  • Pseudo coloring of the image for better visual contrast


Coming Soon.

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