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On-Line Liquor Analyzer

Bench Top Liquor Analyzer


  • Dissolving / Stabilization tank
    * Green liquor - EA, AA, TTA, Dead load solids, Reduction efficiency
    * Weak wash - TTA
  • Causticizing
    * G reen liquor - EA, AA, TTA, TDS, Dead load solids
    * White liquor - EA, AA, TTA, TDS, Dead load solids
  • Batch and Continuous Digesters
    * White liquor - EA, AA, TTA, TDS
    * Black liquor - REA, RAA, lignin, TDS
  • Chlorine Dioxide Plant
  • * Residual Chlorite
    * Residual Sulphuric Acid
    * Chlorine Dioxide

The DURALYZER-NIR Series of Liquor Analyzers for Alkali Based Pulping and Recovery

The DURALYZER-NIR series of liquor analyzers are like no other liquor analyzer solutions currently available. They represent a new generation of process liquor analyzers for alkali based chemical and semi-chemical pulping and recovery processes. These analyzers are the culmination of many years of research and development effort in both the laboratory and in the field, which has resulted in a family of systems with unprecedented reliability, accuracy and simplicity. These systems represent a comprehensive and highly cost effective solution to automated and manual liquor analysis. These analyzers define a new industry standard for liquor analysis systems that will become the final solution for these measurement applications.

DURALYZER-NIR Architecture uses process sample extraction technology coupled with near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for sample analysis. As a result of this design, all analyzers share a common technology platform. This common technology platform has been engineered into a set of highly integrated, completely self-contained analyzers with the lowest maintenance requirements ever achieved for these applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly compact and rugged design
  • Reliable and accurate liquor analyzer
  • Low maintenance turnkey analyzer
  • Physically small and portable system
  • Easy installation
  • Low total installed cost
  • Reduction of Soda Losses in Brown Stock Washing
  • Reduction in Make-Up Chemicals
  • Reduction in Fresh Lime Make-Up
  • Reduction in Fuel Consumption in the Kiln
  • Energy Savings in Digester
  • Steam Savings in the Evaporator
  • Energy Savings in the Recovery Boiler
  • Reduced ClO2 Variability
  • Increased Plant Safety
  • Reduced Enviromental Impact
  • Better Bleaching Quality (due to Reduced ClO2 Variability)


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