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KS/4-P Pneumatic Low Consistency Sample Valve

KAJAANI PROCESS MEASUREMENTS pneumatic low consistency sample valve uses a specially designed "Shearing Nozzle" to ensure safe and representative sampling. The cutting edge allows the sampler to close despite the presence of shives and trash. The sampler head penetrates the water layer inside the pipe avoiding dewatering of the sample. No dewatering means a more representative sample.


  • No o-ring seals for maintenance free operation
  • Adjustable stroke length and piston orientation
  • Separate water connection cleans the sample valve after each use
  • Available in 1" Sandvik saddle mount KS/4-P-S
  • Available in 1" NPT threaded mount KS/4-P-T
  • All parts polished AISI316L (other materials available)
  • Maximum process pressure 370 psi
  • Consistency range 0-8%


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