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Microwave Consistency Meter  LQ300

Toshiba's LQ300 Microwave Consistency (Density) Meter uses a new principle, microwave phase difference measurement, to determine the density of fluids flowing through pipes.  This exploits the way a fluid's density affects the propagation of microwaves when they pass through it.  This allows the reliable measurement of the fluid's density by monitoring the difference in microwave phase between the original wave and one passed through the measured fluid.  Unlike the method that depends on  monitoring the attenuation of a transmitted wave, measuring fluid density by observing a wave's phase difference is unaffected by flow velocity and/or is not affected by the contamination and/or bubbles.


  • Measures both fillers and fibers
  • Responds linearly to Total Consistency
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and cost efficiency. (HART protocol included)
  • Unaffected by flow rate changes
  • Measures accurately in turbulent flow
  • Can be placed in pitch applications - turbulence helps clean sensors
  • Averages over a greater cross sectional area of the pipe than other technologies
  • Independent of fiber properties - varying pulp grade, wood type, fiber length, freeness, brightness, color, shives, and stock viscosity do not affect the accuracy of the measurement


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