I am personally very happy to announce a new partner, SEF Solutions and Scott Fairless. As most of you know, Scott was my bleaching guru for 13 years while we worked for Metso. He was directly responsible for the many successful bleaching stage start-ups on the West Coast. Scott has become a recognized presence throughout North America having worked on over 100 bleaching stages, and acting as head instructor (process control) for PAPTAC bleaching short course from 1999 - 2001. Scott has been, and continues to be one of a shrinking number of bleach plant professionals with the ability to analyze, troubleshoot and make positive recommendations concerning all aspects of the bleaching process. As a speaker at many industry conferences, and as an instructor at various seminars and courses, Scott has brought a great deal of information to many in our industry.

Software Solutions:

SEF's Virtual Operator Assistant (VOA) is a troubleshooting tool, designed to assist in the decision making process of your operators. Good decisions are based on having the right information, and knowing what to do with this information. The "VOA", gives you the information you need, and suggests courses of action based on your operation.

SEF's Electronic log sheet (Elog) now gives you the power to better control and access your bleach plant data. Collecting your data in electronic form means the days of gathering sheets from your operators and manually  extrapolating data are over. The "Elog" is also attached to and feeds data to the Virtual Operator Assistant (VOA). As your operators are recording data they are required to do now, they are also feeding information required by the "VOA" to assist in decision making and trouble shooting. This gives the operators an opportunity to check the status of their portion of the operation at regular intervals, or when they feel it is required, with no extra work.

A West Coast mill comments on a recent SEF Solution:

  • Scott's bleaching expertise is a valuable asset to any bleach plant
  • Significant chemical saving were recognized (payback < 1 month)
  • Operator training extremely important


Optimization of your bleach plant's controls, hardware, and processes is only one facet of the SEF Solution. They offer a multi-level approach to also meeting the need for knowledge transfer, as well as tools to help you stabilize your operation before and after an optimization. Together we can determine the solution best suited for your mill.

Multi-level Approach:

  1. SEF offers a full compliment of consulting services. From full project services, including an operational review, to training of appropriate stake holders, to customer specific requests for service. Their proven training and optimization services can be purchased as a package, or as individual pieces. You decide what is best for your operation.
  2. Their project services are second to none. Full project planning services are available to you, and once completed, SEF provides web access to all your data, including your project plan. They provide you all the real time data possible to keep you well informed, and in control of the process.
  3. The operational review gives everyone a snapshot of the bleach plantís present operating status. From this they will identify deficiencies or opportunities for improvement. SEF will demonstrate their findings in a detailed report, and work with each customers unique operation to build a plan to bridge the gap.
  4. SEF offers a customized, comprehensive training program designed to establish best practices, utilizing the new controls and optimizations being considered and/or put into place. This proven training program is always specific to the targets and goals established by our customers and is truly representative of your mills needs.
  5. SEF understands how little time it takes to see substantial losses when issues arise. As a member of our PM (process maintenance) program, you will always receive priority service when an issue arises in your plant.

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