It has been two years since PulpTech's introductory email about the new microwave chip and bark moisture analyzer from Senfit OY, Finland . Fourteen (14) successful installations around the world and North America finally get their first installation.

Figure 1

Figure 2

An Alabama Mill has installed an on-line Chip Moisture Analyzer for their batch digesters. It is installed in a conveyor transfer down shoot where the chips fall onto the sample collection screw (Figure 1) and get pulled into the analyzer. The microwave signal is enclosed in a square metal enclosure (Figure 2) which is continuously fed with refined chips using a small screw conveyor. A 4-20mA moisture signal is provided to the DCS for digester control.

In the few weeks that the analyzer has been in operation, the mill has already realized that there is quite a bit of moisture variation in their softwood and hardwood chip feeds. This realtime information will greatly assist in optimizing the control of their digesters and save costs. Typical payback for this type of control optimization is counted in weeks rather than in months.

For more information on the analyzer and Senfit, please follow this link >>> BMA Biomass Moisture Analyzer

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