PulpTech Sales is pleased to offer the TOSHIBA LQ500 Microwave Consistency Transmitters.

Flow Trough Type
(2" to 12" Line Size)

Remote Display Unit

Popular Applications:

* Machine Chests
* Broke Chests
* Couch pit & press pit
* HD Towers
* Blending chests
* Stuff Box
* Bleach Plant stock feed
* Groundwood
* Fiber balance calculation

Decade of proven industry performance
Patented technology based on Phase-difference measurement of microwave signal result is highly accurate measurement (resolution, linearity and repeatability) over the full range of consistency.

Accurate, total consistency measurement
Unlike other shear force technologies, the LQ500 is unaffected by variations in pulp species, fiber length and freeness. The LQ500 is also immune to changes in process conditions such as flow rate, pressure and temperature.
The LQ500 measures fibers and fillers for excellent total consistency control and reduction in basis weight variability.
“A Perfect Solution for a Paper Machine”

Remote display unit
Remote electronics offers large, easily visible display for virtually unrestricted installation. Intuitive, menu-driven interface features simple set-up, calibration and troubleshooting functions.

Wide range of sizes
Flow-through available in sizes 50-300mm (2-12).

High reliability, Easy maintenance
No moving parts and no in-line projections guarantee high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. The absence of moving parts also greatly reduces costs for consumables like O-rings and bearings..

Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable – Excellent MTBF - Over 1500 installations
  • No moving parts, No regular maintenance
  • Excellent Repeatability, Linearity and Resolution
  • Single point calibration
  • Measures both fillers and fibers
  • Responds linearly to Total Consistency
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and cost efficiency. (HART protocol included)
  • Unaffected by flow rate, pressure and temperature changes
  • Measures accurately in turbulent flow
  • Can be placed in pitch applications - turbulence helps clean sensors
  • Averages over a greater cross sectional area of the pipe than other technologies
  • Independent of fiber properties - varying pulp grade, wood type, fiber length, freeness, brightness, color, shives, and stock viscosity do not affect the accuracy of the measurement

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