They have done it again, those guys in Kajaani. Just when you thought there was nothing more to develop/invent with blade type consistency meters, Kajaani Process Measurements blows you out of the water with their brand new KC/3 Blade Consistency Meter!


  • Brown stock blow tank
  • Brown stock washing
  • Groundwood
  • TMP
  • Pulpers
  • HD towers
  • Leveling chests
  • Blend chests
  • Machine chests
  • Recycling pulp
  • and more...


Not affected by Flow, Freeness or Temperature changes.

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Excellent sensitivity, better than 0.01% Cs.

KC/3 Blade Consistency Meter

Reliable, damage resistant transmitter! Patented, shock resistant seal-less transfer mechanism with unbreakable diaphragm stops process from entering transmitter; all wetted parts are constructed of titanium. Measures a wide consistency range (2 - 16 %)! One transmitter type fits all applications. A unique highly sensitive eddy probe measures shear force accurately. Remote display unit! Remote display unit can be mounted to any desirable location. Large display and intuitive, menu driven user interface which features simple set-up, calibration and troubleshooting functions. Simple calibration! One-touch calibration sequencing makes sampling, set-up and calibration easy. Built-in features include: time-stamping of samples for later evaluation and calibration, calibration calculation with multiple points and statistics, and remote selections for different pulp grades. Low installation and lifetime costs! Standard stainless steel mounting saddle (titanium option available). Seal-less transfer mechanism with no moving parts or O-rings means low service requirements and no regular maintenance is required. All parts are field changeable.


  • Will not leak
  • Two blades to cover Standard and High Consistency measurement ranges
  • Easy mechanical alignment of the blade and easy setup
  • Has 7 + 1 different calibration curves with external binary switching
  • The integrated KC/3 Sampling System make possible the collection of more realistic process information during the sampling process
  • Time stamping assures representative process data is obtained from the line
  • Will simulate an output so testing is simple – even “in line”
  • Process temperature effects are compensated by the electronics
  • Output can be frozen or forced to 4 or 20ma in the event of malfunction
  • Unique memory register stores process changes for easier troubleshooting of Cs problems
  • Raw signal data shows actual shear force information from the blade
  • Shock counter identifies adverse process conditions that may affect measurement accuracy

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