Conmark Systems Inc. continues to increase their market share with their unique maintenace free user friendly near infrared (NIR) based liquor analyzer.

IP, Albany, OR Installation

The inventor Dr. Russel Hodges

International Paper, Albany, OR installed and started up their new Duralyzer-NIR causticizing liquor analyzer in early January 2008. It has been running on-line ever since, collecting measurement results every from 3 locations: green liquor, first causticizer and last causticizer.

Early February causticizing control was implemented and the mill has benefited from more stable process as a result.

The Duralyzer-NIR liquor analyzer is designed with the harsh mill environment in mind and is well suited for the following applications:

- Causticizing (click for a PDF brochure)

- Digesters (click for a PDF brochure)

- Dissolving Tank (click for a PDF brochure)

A Bench Top Analyzer is also available for the lab. The Duralyzer-NIR Bench Top Liquor Analyzer is a perfect solution for Pulp Mills. It has been designed to overcome all of the issues associated with manual liquor testing, providing fast, reliable, and accurate results with minimal operator involvement. The DURALYZER-NIR bench top analyzer provides the results of the standard ABC titration test, providing effective alkali (EA), active alkali (AA), total titrateable alkali (TTA) and Na2SO4 measurements for white and green liquors. In addition, total dissolved solids (TDS) and total dissolved deadload (TDD) measurements are also provided. For black liquor, residual effective alkali (REA), residual active alkali (RAA), total dissolved organics (TDO) and black liquor TDS measurements are provided.

- Bench Top Analyzer (click for PDF brochure)

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