PulpTech is proud to announce a new partner, Hans Jakob Papiertechnik AG. Hans has 18 years of experience with steam showers and steam control systems. He got his start in steam showers with Devron and then with Transphase Engineering. In 1999 he launched his own company and has since built and delivered 40 HSMDS (High Speed Multijet Diffuser System) Steam Showers Systems all over Europe. Major companies like UPM, StoraEnso and Norske Skog have chosen Hans U. Jakob not only for technical reasons but also for the quality of the workmanship.


  • HSMDS Steam Showers for wet end
  • HSMDS Steam Showers for calender applications
  • Steam Control Systems related to steam showers
  • HSMD-AquaJenty re-wetting Systems for CD moisture control
  • HSMDS Steam Showers for special applications such as curl control, suppercalender, etc.

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HSMDS Steam Shower Systems

Highly developed solutions and systems for delicate applications.

Individual and compact designs for versatile installations including sliding-out systems.

New developments for your specific machine environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly compact and individual design
  • High volume preheat at diffuser – (no dripping + higher range of controls)
  • Not sensitive to pollution – (runnability increase)
  • Diffuser zones not drained – (higher range of controls, no dripping)
  • No constant zone – (higher range of controls)
  • Expertise in steam system engineering – (excellent support by HUJ)
  • Supply pressure vessel certification  – (absolute “must” now a days)
  • High quality actuator technology
  • Feed back signalling for set point supervision
  • Not sensitive to diffuser adjustments – (no runnability problems)
  • High experience in case of steam spillage problems – (fast solutions)
  • No risk for pick-up felt destruction
  • Excellent access for maintenance
  • Saturated steam temperature at inlet without dripping – (much higher performance due to better condensing) All competitors have to run superheated to prevent dripping.
  • Robust design : All connections outside machine
    - pneumatic quick disconnect outside machine
    - highly simple maintenance of actuators
    - all metallurgy in ASIA 316ti
    - all retraction components in ASIA 316ti

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