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PulpTech is pleased to announce a new product from 


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  • Cigarette
  • Filter
  • MG-Kraft
  • Bank note
  • Photo
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  • Tissue
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On-line Porosity - Microperm 600 Smart

The Microperm® was developed in co-operation with Finnish paper specialists, a "major" automation manufacturer and Finnish paper mills. It is recognized as the leading on-line porosity analyzer in the world today. Manufactured by Avatron Ltd, Vantaa Finland
Non linear variables are controlled physically and by using mathematical software models. Now it is possible to measure the paper only and for each individual measurement, eliminating such disturbing factors as: air leakage, loss of pressure and excess air brought by the moving web. The parameters for calculations are done individually for each installation.


  • Improved measurement accuracy by eliminating disturbances
  • Software parameters in calculations are selected individually for each installation
  • Now also able to measure filter papers, non-woven materials, glass fibers and very dense papers can be measured
  • Simple access to  historic data and reporting
  • Possible to measure two different porosity levels; pre size press or coater and before jumbo (up to 4 optional measuring heads per system)
  • Able to measure with very low pressure difference
  • Calibrating  program is now included
  • Special measuring heads for banknote and security papers
  • User friendly graphical operator interface
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Intelligence ignores false readings caused by sheet flap, vibrations and other imperfections

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